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Semantic Name Authority Repository Cymru

Linked database of authority records and related data for people and places in Welsh archives

129,384 Items.

The Semantic Name Authority Repository Cymru (SNARC) was established in order to provide a central hub for name authority records relating to Wales and in the Welsh language. The dataset includes data about peoples with National Library of Wales authority records, Places with standardized names in English and Welsh, and all the data needed to describe these things, from languages and occupations to historic buildings, administrative areas, cities and countries. Based on Wikidata, but using a simplified and customized ontology, the data is presented as Linked Open Data and this makes it easier for us to define relationships between entities in our collections. All the data is bilingual and available on an Open Licence. The dataset can be explored using the search box on this page, the links below or using the API or Query Service. Our goal is to grow the dataset using data from Welsh cultural organizations, connecting our heritage in one central hub. It will also act as an important bridge between 3rd party linked open data from Wikidata and other sources, and data curated by GLAM professionals around the world.
 Data hierarchy
As structured data, all entities in the dataset should form part of a hierarchy. This dataset uses the bespoke high level hierarchy below, which simplifies the class system imported with items from Wikidata. Click on the items below to see subclasses of each type.

Guidelines on the data structure can be found here

Any place whether natural or human made
Semantic unit understood in different ways
Any living physical entity such as an animal, plant, fungus, or bacterium
Intentional intellectual or artistic creation
 Reusing this data
The data in SNARC along with all associated documentation and queries are freely available for reuse with no requirement for attribution under a CC-0 licence. In return, we would greatly appreciate it if, in your project, you mention The National Library of Wales and Wikidata as the origin of your data. In so doing you help ensure that we can monitor reuse and justify the continued development of this resource.